Gratitude Week

The Gratitude Week is a structured programme when it changes the ambiance and the mood of the workplace in a subtle way
It has the following measures that we shall be delivering
1. Gratitude moves in a linear way in all the five days.
 Awareness => Appreciation => Acceptance =>Acknowledgment => Admiration
Without overwhelming and least interference to daily office routine work
2. Who all are impacted  and defies the organisation hierarchy
It shall be
1. Companies leadership to Managers
2. All the team of employees with their sub groups of intra teams
3.  Team to Team bonding to share and express gratitude .
4.  Even those who are associated with company  like Staffing and Facilities people. Security to Cab drivers
5. Company customers
6. Stakeholder by way of Investors also
3. How do we measure ? Thankometer
When employees exchange gratitude notes which is total voluntarily
1. It starts with handwritten letter on the specially designed letter pad. That becomes the treasure for the employees when each of the exchange
2.  To keep in brevity are the sticky notes displayed
3. Selfies  with specialist smile portraiture expert
4. Video recording of the process
5. Group photographs
There is sudden drop in the complaining and cribbing. Negative atmosphere evaporates
4.  Viral for Branding 
HR Dept uses this tools through this activity leads to company branding . To become the most preferred employer
Everyone share their with their #tag of company to make company branding in the social media . That goes viral and trending for the market places to see it happen on social media . Everyone takes pride in sharing their pictures on social media
5.  End Results are measured in these lines of Gratitude week
1. Sense of pride working – high self esteem
2. Feeling of gratitude always leads to joy . The motivation to work with better performance
3. There is sense of celebration to each and every stakeholder. Take away from the mundane routine
4. Self realisation comes from Selfie Realisation that is captured
5. Mutual respect for peer employees that was not expressed till date
6. Components that we provide
Specially designed Letter pads, stickies, Thank you notes,  balloon and banners , danglers and plackards,  mobile walls , T Shirts, Gifts , Cake , Stationary , Videography and Camera operations. Our team will be there in action to organise. Tree plantation with name of the employee
7.  How do we execute 
1. We conduct 2 hours of behavioral workshop  to selected 20 odd employees. They are given specially designed T shirts  . They would be Ambassadors to spread the word in a structured brief . Then the Gratitude week commences . On the final day, these Ambassadors are given gifts as a part of Reward and Recognition in bringing the change
2. We provide all the Digital photographs, Albums and Video snippets of the total event for post assessment by Core HR Team of the Change Practices that has been delivered. The HR team takes it forward for their own internal corrective measures for a “Great  Place to Work with Gratitude “
3. This whole gamut is more affordable than weekend resort of one day dinner party. The result is the quantum jump in employees feeling more recharged and motivated . For better performance in workplace
4. There is no gyaan lecture or training for the employees. It is true employee engagement

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